We offer corporate programmes in Neuro Training and Neuroscience, both face to face and online. Each programme is tailored to the unique needs of the company and can be delivered at the workplace or at other venues. 

Successful performance in the workplace requires a range of knowledge and skills. It is vital that companies have employees educated for the job. In addition to the specific skills needed for each role in an organization, increasing research evidence points to the importance of emotional intelligence and communication skills to handle the human aspects of everyday life. 

Management and leadership need an additional set of skills including self awareness, understanding what motivates and demotivates people, how to create strategy, how to create a sense of purpose and  how to implement and manage change.

The The Neuro Training Academyprogrammes focus on both high level factors including corporate vision, values, but also on the everyday requirements of businesses. We teach employees practical tools for optimal performance like how to better manage themselves, how to communicate effectively and strategies for high performance.  We teach leaders how to develop and communicate strategy, how to manage and engage people effectively and how to make decisions in complex environments.

All of courses are underpinned by the latest neuroscience which is woven into the learning in ways that make it simple to understand and easy to implement.


The Benefits of our Training to You:

Neuro Training – get a competitive edge by including the latest neuroscience in your training programmes.  We will work with companies to develop custom courses to suit your business needs,

Mental Training – Understand how providing training in emotional control and solution-based thinking can improve productivity and workplace culture.
Motivation  – identify and activate employee engagement to increase success in achieving your business goals 
Communication  – Increase understanding of how to communicate effectively to increase team performance. Learn the power of using great questions to get clear answers – an essential leadership skill
Behaviour ( Attitude & Behaviour ) – Learn how to drive action and to develop winning habits 

Contact us for more information and to plan a customized success programme for you, your team or your company.