Neuro Business Training Academy works with companies of all sizes to meet business challenges. We ignite workplace engagement by developing employees into more confident, empowered, inspired and enthusiastic individuals. Through focusing on employee engagemen we unleash organizational competitive advantage. 

Great leaders are individuals who are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others. Our leadership development training is designed to help talented individuals to develop into inspiring leaderships through a greater understanding of the workings of their own brain and the brains of those they lead.

All our programmes, can be tailored to the specific needs of individual organisations. 

The Neuro Business Training vision extends from corporate training and team building, to bringing out the leadership potential within each individual.

We offer neuro-training in the following areas:

• 1-day training in Neuroscience
• Reducing sick leave through Neuro Training

• Training the Brain of a Leader

• Talent Mangagement

• Change Management

• Difficult Conversations

• Professional Coaching
• Health Coaching
• Mental Training
• Presentation Skills
• Ergonomics for the Workplace