Neuro Business Training is firmly based on the latest evidence in Neuroscience.  We use research to underpin our training in areas as diverse as how we learn and remember, how we communicate, our social interactions and our behavior.  We have an eclectic and pragmatic approach to training, incorporating knowledge from all of our areas of expertise: we combine interdisciplinary fields, including neuroscience, psychology, physiology, biology, chemistry, and physics. 


Our experienced team, led by Professor of Applied Neuroscience Patricia Riddell is dedicated, passionate and committed to delivering professional, quality-controlled training to develop the business leaders of the future and to transform the performance and engagement of employees.


Our training is always evolving as we incorporate the latest ideas from our respective fields.  We aim to keep up to date so that you learn the most advanced techniques to help your business needs.  We reference all our ideas back to their sources so that you can learn more about any area that interests you.